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Why Natavo™ Avocado

The ‘World First’ Natavo™ process effectively switches off the enzyme that causes avocados to go brown.

Our Natavo™ frozen avocado product has a remarkable shelf life, is 100% natural, tastes great and comes in frozen diced avocado or frozen avocado chunks, frozen avocado slices and frozen smashed avocado.

It’s IQF Avocado like you have never seen before!

Why You Will Love Natavo™ Avocado

We are setting a new standard in food service IQF avocado products!


Does Not Go Brown

Our frozen avocado product has a shelf life of up to 10 days refrigerated, without browning.

All Natural

It's 100% natural avocado, nothing added and nothing to declare. Just like fresh avocado.

Zero Chemicals

Our product has zero additives and zero processing aides, no more nasty citric acid.

Proven Kill Step

The Natavo™ process has a proven 'Kill Step' certified log 6 by a leading US lab.

Great Taste & Texture

The Natavo™ process retains that wonderful fresh avocado taste and texture.

Food Service Friendly

Our cut avocado pieces are ready to use, no preparation, no waste and always consistent.

I have never seen anything like this product! Natavo Avocado saves not only on time and waste but enables me to be able to use avocados throughout the year with the same results!

With a taste of fresh avocado, it sets a perfect base for me to enhance the flavour, not just with the usual salt, pepper or lemon juice but it works great with chocolate, coconut and raspberry too.

I believe any business in the food industry that's works regularly with avocado (and knows how inconsistent they can be) would benefit from this amazing product.

Daniel Penfold, Executive ChefPenfolds Catering